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Talent Lab Workshop:

Hit Your Revenue Goals

Learn to project & achieve your ticketing sales goals, every time. Reserve Your Spot

Hitting ticket sales goals is vital to your organization’s success.

Underachieve your goals and you’ll drain your resources. Overachieve your goals and you miss out on financial opportunity by not investing more in campaigns.

But projecting ticket sales isn’t easy - even the most seasoned marketing professionals can struggle to nail their budget every time.

Sign up for the Hit Your Revenue Goals Workshop to learn:

  • A reliable, data-driven approach to sales projections
  • How to budget for various revenue goals across your organization
  • How to identify opportunities for future marketing investments

You’ll come away empowered, ready to lead you organization into continued financial success.

This workshop is for marketing, ticketing, and finance professionals at all levels of arts and cultural organizations.

Price: $89
Length: 2 hours
Delivery: Online
Tuesday, 6 June 2023, 09:00 (MDT)
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Finally, a workshop designed to grow your professional impact.

What You’ll Learn
Resiliency Areas of this Workshop
People- Centric Teams Optimizing an adaptive and forward- thinking approach to the structure, development, and retainment of teams. Consumer Relationships Engaging a community by attracting new and retaining existing consumers. Organizational Frameworks Systems and structures for organizations focused on feedback, planning and E.D.I. initiatives. Financial Stability Building sustainable revenue through cost mitigation, revenue optimization, and data-driven insights. Thriving Organizations

Transforming 21st century organizations require four key areas to maintain resiliency.

Key Outcomes

When you sign up, you get:

  • A simple framework for budgeting ticket sales
  • A refreshingly easy* and **reliable budgeting approach.
  • An opportunity for personalized ticket sales advice based on your organization’s circumstances.
Your Faculty

Jack O’Dell will lead the Hit Your Revenue Goals workshops.

Jack brings a hands-on UK perspective, having worked in marketing at a variety of theatres prior to his tenure at TRG Arts.

Jack O'Dell

Consulting Analyst