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TRG Arts Data Center

Your one-stop-shop for arts and cultural consumer behavior insights to fuel your
organization's marketing and fundraising campaigns.

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Current Consumer Research
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Campaign Preparation

Many organizations’ marketing and fundraising efforts fall short.

If you haven't been making data-informed decisions, then you've likely experienced:
Low Consumer
High Campaign

Harness the power of data to grow your current and future consumers.

If you are a US-based organization, use Data Center to take the guesswork out of building your marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Current Consumer Research

Data Center anonymizes previous ticketing/fundraising patron data from your organization and compares it to your peers when part of a TRG Community Network. This allows you better understand your current patrons and increase the likelihood that your existing consumers will return.

New Prospect Discovery

Grow your comsumer base by joining a TRG Community Network. You’ll be able to discover and target new prospects most likely to respond to your campaigns through our permission-based list trading tool. Also leverage digital ad campaigns by utilizing our partnership with Mogo Arts.

Campaign Preparation

Every dollar that you spend on a campaign should be working for you. Combine consumer data from multiple sources and then segment your lists based on specific consumer behaviors to create targeted mail, email, and phone campaigns. Ensure your lists are up-to-date by using our routine National Change of Address updates.

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“TRG Data Center is an integral part of our targeted marketing strategy, allowing us to mail the right patron with the right offer. The demographics tools provide an easy method to understand our patrons and how they vary by segment. On top of all that, the tool itself is easy to use and support is always timely.” Samantha Frank Former Executive Director, Ballet Arizona
“It’s hard to imagine a tool that is as easy to use and overflowing with insights. TRG’s Data Center allows my team to facilitate list trades, dig deeper into our own data, and harness a better sense of the NYC arts community. Plus, being part of our local consortium draws us closer to our colleagues.” Kyle Sircus Associate Managing Director, Playwrights Horizons
TRG Community Networks Sharing arts data leads to a larger, more loyal arts community.

When multiple US-based organizations in one community purchase the Data Center software service, they have formed a TRG Community Network. They're able to trade mailing lists with one another and run analytics about their data without needing to be on the same ticketing or donor management platform. Whether you’ve got three organizations participating or 300, you’ll form a robust dataset that you can use for prospecting and research.

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  • Data Center is the most powerful, efficient list-trading platform on the market. When the organizations in your community combine their data together, you create a “catalogue” of segments that you can browse and request in a secure, permission-based environment.

  • How do I get started? keyboard_arrow_right

    Check out the map and table below to see if there’s already a TRG Community Network in your area. Participation may require joining via your local arts service organization in some regions. If you don’t see your local region on the list, contact us to talk about how we might gather leaders from key organizations in your area to explore starting a program there.

  • Start one! All it takes is at least three organizations in the same community to agree to participate. Once you have a commitment from enough organizations, get in touch with us, and we will walk you through the rest of the process.

  • TRG knows that data privacy and security are vital to list-trading, so we protect your data in four ways.

    1. You can make any segment (e.g. high-level donors) invisible from your peers, such that you can use them internally, but no one else can request them from you.
    2. When you make a segment visible, your peer organizations cannot mail those patrons without your approval each time.
    3. When you do give permission, your patrons’ info is sent directly to a third party mail house, so your peer organization never sees the data.
    4. You can create “seed names” to be inserted into any trade data you release, so that you get a copy of the mailing for which you approved the use of your data.
  • Data Center's behavior insights and Community Networks are currently only available for arts and cultural organizations based in the United States.

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