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Talent Lab Workshop:

Effective Feedback

Ensuring a productive, safe, and empathetic workplace culture begins with you. Reserve Your Spot

Whether giving or receiving, feedback is when personal or professional growth happens. It’s also how highly effective teams make things happen. Each of us is responsible for creating a workplace culture that is productive, safe, and empathetic.

The Effective Feedback workshop will teach attendees a specific structure for providing a variety of kinds of feedback and highlight the top 10 most common mistakes people make when giving feedback. Attendees will also discover three techniques for asking for feedback.

This workshop is designed for mid-level managers and directors in all areas of an arts and cultural organization.

Price: $89
Length: 2 hours
Delivery: Online
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Finally, a workshop designed to grow your professional impact.

What You’ll Learn
Resiliency Areas of this Workshop
People- Centric Teams Optimizing an adaptive and forward- thinking approach to the structure, development, and retainment of teams. Consumer Relationships Engaging a community by attracting new and retaining existing consumers. Organizational Frameworks Systems and structures for organizations focused on feedback, planning and E.D.I. initiatives. Financial Stability Building sustainable revenue through cost mitigation, revenue optimization, and data-driven insights. Thriving Organizations

Transforming 21st century organizations require four key areas to maintain resiliency.

Key Outcomes

Workshop attendees will:

  • Develop the skill set to know how to learn from mistakes.
  • Build self-confidence and good communication skills.
  • Gain an understanding of high-performing teams rooted in trust and positive organizational culture.
Your Faculty

Keri Mesropov, Chief Talent Officer for TRG Arts, will lead Effective Feedback. Keri has more than 20 years of experience in the arts and cultural industry. Along with her role at TRG Arts, she is a Professional-in-Residence at Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communications Experience Lab.

Keri Mesropov

Chief Talent Officer