Marketing is from Mars, Development is from Venus

August 22-23, 2019

Dogs vs. cats. Android vs. iPhone. Alien vs. Predator.

Great rivalries have existed throughout history, yet few are as fraught, epic, and, at times, explosive as that of marketing vs. development at nonprofit arts organizations.

You may say, “We have a great working relationship!”

That’s great. You may like each other (or not), but are you developing patrons together? Really and truly? Marketing and development are responsible for stewarding every step on an arts patron’s journey—from the first ticket purchase to making a planned gift—and every step in between. And, the two leaders are responsible for creating patron-centric culture, moving beyond “mine” and “yours” to “theirs.”

In this boot camp, the arts industry’s loyalty experts will teach you how to optimize your relationship to get revenue and loyalty results next season. Over your 2 days in Colorado Springs, you’ll have focused time to…

  • Learn more about each other’s personalities, strengths, and working style, optimizing trust and confidence
  • Explore the latest best practices developing donor-ready patrons
  • Evaluate your own efforts to date based on data
  • Find collaboration opportunities to better build patron relationships together

By the end of the two-day session, not only will you like each other, but you’ll create a data-driven plan that you can take back to develop patron relationships all season long, specifically designed to bolster return-on-investment.

Participants at our 2017 Marketing is from Mars, Development is from Venus gave it an average rating of 9 out 10.

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